Maitland Smith

Maitland-Smith is an industry leader renowned for its world-class quality and innovative design. For 30 years, it has specialized in the production of exquisite and unique decorative accessories, lighting and furniture components. Its areas of expertise include metal casting, finely processed porcelain, sophisticated design techniques, elaborate craftsmanship, and special and fine hand carving methods.
Its main offices and showrooms are located in High Point, North Carolina. Leather, pen shell and egg shell are just a few of the materials they use to create those highly prized and much vaulted pieces of Maitland-Smith design products. Maitland-Smith works with quality materials and talented craftsmen who turn these materials into a fashion icon in their workshops.


Bar Stools


Side Coffee Table

Medium Coffee Table


TV Units

Display Cabinet

Buffet and Console

Dresser and Wardrobe

Work Table

Work Chair and Office Chair

Lounge and Waiting Area