All customer comments are arranged in alphabetical order.


‘The quality of a product is not just about production quality; companies must offer quality service to make customers feel valued! And Dream Home Ankara does precisely that. Thank you.’


There are moments when one feels all those furniture products out there sold under different brand names just don’t quite cut the mustard, falling short of meeting expectations quality and price wise. And it is my duty as an architect to navigate my customers through all that confusion and uncertainty and point them in the right direction. If you’re looking for a genuine piece of furniture that combines practicality and quality that even your children may use and if you especially want to quench your hunger for refinement and elegance, then Dream Home is the way to go.  As I told my customers, you will know that you have found what you’re looking for once you have seen the most exquisite examples of design furniture built with quality and attention to detail. 


Dear employees of Dream Home,

I wished to put into words how happy I am to be a Dream Home customer. We really appreciate Miss Elif’s kind patience with us during our seemingly long decision-making process trying to make up our minds what furniture to buy, the house visits, photo shoots of our house for a virtual demonstration of how the furniture would look, and last but not least the fact that she was with us the whole time to give us her support. Her kindness and cordiality negated the need for us to go to other places to get price quotes and do research like customers usually do during the furniture purchasing process. I purchased each piece with a feeling of utter satisfaction and delightful elation thanks to her kind attention. What I especially found most commendable was how one of your employees still keeps in touch with me, to keep me updated on new pieces of furniture coming in, and the rates...

Let’s continue to keep in touch then, as I’m so happy to have met you guys...

We thank you so much for the extraordinary service and especially Miss Elif, who made us a regular customer with her pleasant approach and upbeat personality.

Lots of love


I thank the Dream Home Family for offering their customers the best quality products from world famous brands. Not to mention my gratefulness for your kindness and patience during the sale and afterwards.


I have been using Dream Home products for 9 years. The furniture in my living room shows no signs of being worn-out or beat up despite long years of heavy use.

The staff is upbeat, kind and helpful. I especially liked the fact that the same employee who had helped me 9 years ago with my purchase is still there to help me with my shopping.

I am quite happy with the service, too. Their technical service also deserves my respect for their prompt response, even when the issue may have to do with wrong or improper use.


Dear members of Dream Home,

We placed equal emphasis on the aesthetics and comfort for our project where everything has been thought out to the finest detail. We have married together our penchant for the classical with the new and antique, beautifully combining the special designs of Theodore Alexander with products from world brands in Dream Home’s stock. Your service approach and mentality has made the decision process for us less demanding and tiresome when picking furniture for our home and office projects. We use our furniture and accessories with great satisfaction and happiness.

We thank the staff at your Addresistanbul store and all your employees in Istanbul for their help and support with our home and office projects.

Yours truly



I would first like to give you my warmest thanks for creating this opinion section on your website for your customers to share their opinions with you...

‘Everyone has a dream house with uniquely designed spaces that truly reflect their personality. You do your best to make your dream house as fashionable and comfy as possible. Dream Home’s exquisite range of highly fashionable furniture coupled with its excellent service is there to help you create that home atmosphere you have always dreamed of. As the name itself implies, Dream Home!’

Thank you.


Dear Dream Home employees and the management team,

First of all, thank you very much for your customer-satisfaction oriented approach. We now have the perfect house that my partner and I have always wished for, thanks to the stellar quality furniture offered by Dreamhome and your customer service agent Miss Gizem’s kindness and patience with us. Whilst doing internet research looking for quality products that would meet our expectations and which we could even leave to our kids, we were so glad to see that there was actually a Turkish company offering branded furniture from world famous brands. The wonderful advice we got from Miss Gizem right from the word go, her insight, taste and expertise coupled with her willingness to go the extra mile, staying with us at the store beyond closing hours and the professionalism of the installation team, have done more than enough to deserve our respect and commendation. We are grateful for all your support...


We drew great joy and delight from shopping at the Dream Home store, which offers unique pieces of furniture from high end brands that combine quality, aesthetics and elegance, not to mention our satisfaction with your kind, helpful and dedicated sales representatives for their support.


Dream Home is always the first brand that comes to mind for me and my top choice for furniture and accessories. Its extensive product range, uniquely designed quality products, the good price quality balance, and the support of its experienced and highly qualified team during pre- and after-sales are only a few of the things that make one an admirer of this brand...


We would like to thank you as Yapı Stüdyo Mimarlık for your cooperation and support.


Very high quality products, durable parts and the Baker brand I always prefer.


Hours of joyful conversations with friends gathered around our Theodore Alexander table, that Demirel branded red chair we can never drag ourselves out of...

We thank you Jülide for putting together such a marvelous and spectacular domestic atmosphere of delight in which we live out our most memorable moments and which we cannot wait to leave to our children...


I am loving my Bakery dining table and chairs.


Dear Ms. Gizem,
I came across your company while searching for Tommy Bahama products when the website that opened up directed me to the Turkey branch of ‘Dream Home’.
It was quite exciting for me to find out that there was a Turkish company in Istanbul selling products from the ‘Tommy Bahama Furniture Collection’ which I really like and follow for a long time.
What started off as a chance encounter then turned into a long-term friendship based on trust and confidence thanks to your elegant, constructive, solution-oriented, practical and disciplined approach that puts customer satisfaction above all else.
With its wide product range and rich combination of fabrics that are practical and long-lasting, Tommy Bahama is my top brand when it comes to home furniture.
But the care and attention with which you treat your customers, your commendable knowledge of furniture and how you approach customers gently without being pushy has never failed to impress me, making me
both a loyal customer and a promoter of your brand.
Dream Home’s product range has some very special items that deserve attention in their own right. It’s like, there are almost no instances when I have walked out of your stores empty-handed.
Indeed, your good-humored staff, how you take your job seriously and the product catalogs you send me now and then as nice little surprises play no minor part in my addiction.
Let me finish dear Gizem by saying how happy I am to have met you, and how pleased I truly am with my purchases from ‘Dream Home’, with my exquisite Tommy Bahama pieces and Theodore Alexander items with their elegant lines and my Lexingtons.
I personally thank you and the entire ‘Dream Home Family’ for offering furniture lovers such lovely products.
May the glint in your eyes and the smile on your faces never fade.
With lots of love,


Dream Home

‘Office, Resting and Hall Furniture Products for Company Board Members’ imported pursuant to a signed contract for offices and corridors on the 10th and 11th floor of our İÇDAŞ PLAZA Headquarters Building at Mahmutbey Mah. Dilmenler Cad. No: 20 Bağcılar/Istanbul fully comply with the specifications in the contract and have been delivered on time.

We thank you for fulfilling all your contractual obligations to the letter and wish you lots of success in the future.

Best regards


I came across Dream Home while looking for furniture to decorate my office. What steered me to their shores was excellent product quality, and their upbeat and friendly staff. It has already been 4 years since I bought the furniture and I still use it with great delight. Your after-sales service characterized by genuine interest in customer satisfaction also deserves praise.


Dream Home,

My partner and I thank Dream Home for making our move to our new house in 2015 much easier through their hard work and dedication in getting us our ordered furniture on time without delay, very thankful for their quality and good value for money products.


‘Thank you Dream Home for making me a real fan of American furniture, which I use with great delight and satisfaction.’


Dream Home,

1- You have built a successful company.

2- You are doing your best to cater to your customers’ wishes.

3- When I buy furniture from you, I know that you will fix any minor issues, if any.

4- Miss Jülide deserves great praise and commendation for her hard work and dedication throughout all these years.

5- I wish your company even more success in the future. With lots of love,


‘We just love your products. Your product range is excellent in terms of design and quality and contains products that pander to all tastes.’


We wish to thank all Dream Home employees in İzmir for all their efforts and kind support so far. We still use your furniture and accessories with great delight and delectation.

Many thanks for the technical support, too.

We wish you luck and success in your work. Yours truly


Dear Gizem,

Thanks to you, we easily decided what furniture to buy, and when the furniture arrived, we once again realized that we’d made the right choice indeed.

We thank you for your assistance with choosing furniture, your suggestions with regards to what furniture should go where and above all your pleasant and kind attitude.

We wish you to know that we recommend ‘DREAM HOME’ and especially your store to all friends looking for new furniture to buy.

We give our most cordial thanks to you, your technical team and other employees of your company.


My husband started doing some serious digging around when we decided our house needed redecorating. He came up with a couple of stores which he thought had what we were looking for, among which was indeed Dream Home, completely unbeknownst to me though. After a couple of visits to the store, we realized that Dream Home had what we were looking for in terms of quality and design. So we made our choice, placed the orders and got on with decorating our house in line with the sort of furniture we had purchased. And we couldn’t have been happier with the end result. When friends and family visit us and cannot hide their admiration for what we have done with the place, then we know we did the right thing. Every single piece that now adorns our house feels like the pieces of a great whole that constitutes an artwork. The covering on our dining table is a real piece of art, the chairs are carved from solid wood, as solid as rock. Buffets, coffee tables and other products make us realize what wood can achieve in terms of creating a stylish, elegant vibe in domestic spaces.

When you purchase a product, you’re not just purchasing a product but excellent service as well. And we would especially like to thank Miss Gül for her enduring support. She helped us make informed decisions with her insight and experience, making us feel at home with each store visit we made with her unexceptionable kindness and tact.

We especially thank the Dream Home delivery team for quick and timely delivery. Never before had we seen such massive wooden products treated and handled with such dexterity and deftness, all pointing towards professional sincerity at its best.

It has been a wonderful experience for us, so we thank you all… 



I came across Dream Home 8 years ago. Miss Jülide made me a real fan of American furniture. I bought a dining set, a lounge suite, and various coffee tables and accessories. They are all quality products and the wood workmanship deserves particular praise. There are lots of people in my close circle of friends that also prefer the Dream Home Brand. They all agree with me...


I’m newly married and the lampshades we purchased from Dream Home draw the admiration of all who visit our home. Both products have great quality and workmanship that add a layer of elegance and sumptuousness to our house. We’ll buy another one soon. Most important of all, we are quite pleased with the kindness and cordiality of the staff. 


Dream Home offers products from different world brands, all displayed in a spectacular fashion that catches the eye. It is impossible not to be impressed by the exquisite pieces of wooden furniture built with quality and excellent workmanship. Thank you so much for your genuine kindness and all the patient help you have provided us to sort out issues, even though they were coming from our end.


I put together the dream house I’d always dreamed of with furniture I purchased from your Ankara store. I have accentuated my home’s warm, cozy atmosphere with your tasteful chandeliers, coffee tables and flowers. We thank Miss Elif and other store employees for their kind and generous support in the process.


I caught the Dream Home bug with a brilliant dining table, and since then I cannot quite seem to control my buying urges, what with all those coffee tables and lighting sets. It is the friendly staff that creates the pull factor as much as the quality of the items sold. Miss Jülide and Hanife being the best examples of such friendliness... One minor gripe of mine is the ever-increasing dollar...


Dear Dream Home,

I’ve had an indomitable knack and passion for decoration, furniture and home accessories ever since childhood. The passion is so strong I cannot keep away for long from my favorite stores, buying stuff even if I don’t need it or have the space. Even when I travel abroad, my first priority is visiting furniture stores. But it was not until I came across Dream Home family that I could find all that I looked for in a single store. And what was it I was looking for? Quality, robustness, durability, functionality, style, innovation, environmental friendliness, longevity, honesty, sincerity, smiling faces, patience. Dream Home leaves nothing to chance when it comes to customer satisfaction and product quality. Your customer-oriented approach that puts customer happiness above all else and your consistency is the strongest sign of your respect for your customers.

I may liken Dream Home products, without the slightest reservation, to precious gems that you can bequeath to your descendants. A Dream Home store feels more like a cozy home that embraces visitors with its welcoming arms rather than your usual store. The Dream Home family lies close to my heart and I believe they will never abandon the principles that made them so great in the first place. Dear members of Dream Home,

Aydoğan İnşaat Chairman İrfan Aydoğan and his wife Süreyya Papila Aydoğan are always with the Dream Home family...


Dear Dream Home,

My acquaintance with Dream Home goes back to my younger days in Ankara; and it was on one of those days that I saw an eye-catching replica on a banner flapping in front of their Ankara store. I reckon this must have been like a quarter century ago. That inexplicably alluring desire associated with having in your own personal possession the close resemblance of an ‘antique’ piece, hailing from centuries ago, started to take a strong foothold on my mind...

To me, ‘my Dream Home furniture’ is like a valued life companion that shares every moment with me, witnesses each moment of my life and chases away bad vibes, reflecting not just my style or my idiosyncratic preferences but also my emotional state. My furniture comes alive with our shared existence, retaining in its tenacious memory all those joyful moments at our house, my son’s cries of joy upon waking up to see snow piling on the ground, an auspicious harbinger of the school holiday, my romantic meals with my partner and so on... And they remind me of those moments.

My friends at Dream Home can verify the story, I always savor the moment of opening that inviting, rattling door at the Çiftehavuzlar store and breathing in that ‘genuine’ smell of furniture. Genuine wooden furniture is hard to come by, and that is what you offer, no gimmicks, no games, pure semblance of quality wood, finish and fabric combined with exquisite workmanship. They always welcome me with the same energy and enthusiasm, all pouring forth from a loving heart. They know that to me, furniture isn’t about meeting one’s particular needs; it is a way of life, a fountain of joy, giving yourself that well-earned treat... I examine each piece with that degree of attention to detail which one usually applies to objects one sees for the first time, and start to listen to their stories. They all have interesting stories that are worth listening to. And each piece gives me a different type of delight and relish. I know all that there is to know about them. At times, I see them developing creases that others may be tempted to see as a blotch besmirching perfection; however, I have learned to appreciate them as you learn to appreciate wrinkles in your own skin as you grow older...

As mass produced goods become more and more prevalent, unique products that speak to our own personal style and eccentricities become more and more rare. Dream Home has never deviated from its principled stance on producing quality furniture and accessories. Let’s pray Dream Home will always be around for those like me who appreciate life and the objects that we spend our lives with. Thank you Dream Home for being a conduit for all that beauty that we cherish in our houses...

Lots of love.


Hello Dear Elif,

We saw our desire to decorate our house according to classic European ideas with valuable collection products offered by Dream Home. Dream Home has become a staple brand for the fashion-savvy with its serious corporate style, its service mentality that prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else and places special emphasis on providing customers with excellent after-sales service and its thorough approach to furniture sales that almost renders unnecessary all that kerfuffle and expense for consulting an interior architect. Keep up the good work guys,


My sole address for furniture and accessories that are elegant and beautiful enough to become the centerpiece of my house is DREAM HOME. I owe many thanks to Miss Suna for her kind and cordial attention and unremitting support each step of the way.


DREAM HOME is a store I quite enjoy visiting where comfort, quality and elegance meet. I thank all members of the Dream Home family for their kindliness and friendliness and their support with my purchasing decisions