John Richard

John Richard was founded in 1980 as part of one of the largest retail furniture companies in Mississippi Delta. From humble beginnings with 5 employees and a 10 thousand square metered warehouse, the company now operates offices and factories in Vietnam, Indonesia and China. The company, headquartered in Greenwood, Mississippi, has a showroom at North Carolina High Point.

John Richard's design team turns global inspiration into breathtaking collections. Accessories designed with meticulous craftsmanship and care have dominant lines and shapes together with unique lighting sets, mirrors and other wall accessories.

Growing collaborations and innovative designs with award-winning designers and renowned craftsmen make John Richard an indispensable name in the luxury furniture segment.

Design lies at the heart of what John Richard stands for. The company is inspired by history, foreign and exotic cultures and materials as well as talented handicrafts and designers. With each new season, they are looking to surprise consumers with extraordinary details, unusual finishes, carvings, gemstones, glass objects ornamented with gemstones and crystal.

‘If design is the narrator of a house’s story, we promise to tell you this story with the best products and details.’