Keno Bros

Theodore Alexander, a top-quality furniture maker, has introduced the Keno Bros furniture collection, a furniture brand that twin brothers Leigh and Leslie Keno have created using their expertise in art and antique furniture.

The collection, which reflects the passion of the twin brothers for antique and Vintage-modern furniture and their strong emphasis on high quality standards, perfectly matches the elegance of the Theodore Alexander brand, a pioneering name in furniture and design, turning the whole experience of creating a new brand from scratch into a joyful experience. The collection is inspired by pieces from the 18th century to the mid-20th century and consists of over 40 eclectic and classical modern furniture and accessories. Bringing together traditional and modern collections, the brand appeals to a wide range of lifestyles, artistic sensitivities and even collectors.

Exotic woodwork, flowing and organic forms, exquisite craftsmanship and elegant (but functional) details are the main features of the collection. The collection consists of tables, chairs, armchairs, buffets, cupboards, consoles, bookshelves and accessories.